7 Reasons Why Seniors Need Burial Insurance

by | Jul 14, 2023

No one wants to take about the end of their life. It’s a heavy, uncomfortable topic. And when the discussion about death includes talking about finances, it only gets worse.

Unfortunately, it’s important to have these tough conversations, especially as we start to get older.

One of the big questions that arises when discussing end of life is how will the people left behind manage financially?

If you’re making a plan for when you pass, you should consider burial insurance. This important insurance could make a huge difference for your loved ones as they mourn their loss.

What is Burial Insurance?

Burial insurance is a life insurance policy designed to cover funeral expenses. Because funerals in 2020 average at $7,640, the expense can be an unexpected hardship to loved ones. Burial insurance relieves the burden of others having to pay out of pocket for your funeral.

Unlike other life insurances, burial is easier to qualify for and comes in smaller amounts, from $5,000 – $25, 000, making it more affordable.

Top 7 Reasons to Get Burial Insurance

Now that you have a better idea of what burial insurance actually is, let’s look at the top reasons why you need burial insurance.

1 – Covers Funeral Expenses

The main function of burial insurance is to cover the costs of a funeral. The costs of funerals are on the rise and the burden that places on loved ones can be enormous.

Even a small burial insurance plan can alleviate the stress of planning a funeral, covering everything from the casket to the flowers.

2 – Gives Loved Ones Time to Mourn

The death of a loved one is earth shattering. Burial insurance can give families of the deceased a little more space to mourn.

Burial insurance can be used to cover costs of meals and hotels for those coming from out of town. The insurance can also cover wages for those who might have to take off work in order to be with family. The flexibility of burial insurance will give those in mourning a little extra support during a devastating time in their lives.

3 – Covers Additional Expenses

In addition to all the costs surrounding an actual funeral, burial insurance can cover other expenses.

For example, if there are medical bills that need to be paid or mortgage payments that need to be made, burial insurance can cover those costs. Burial insurance pays out to the beneficiary who can then use the money for whatever expenses come up, even unexpected ones.

4 – Allows You to Make Specific Plans

If you have a pretty good idea that your loved ones won’t need additional financial aid after your death, you can use your burial insurance to plan you funeral down to the last detail. Working within the budget you’ve set for yourself, you can decide on the location, casket, flowers, and visitation details.

Burial insurance allows you to make these choices, while also keeping it off the shoulders of your loved ones.

5 – Covers You When Other Insurances Won’t

Many life insurance policies have very strict conditions to qualify. You have to take a physical, meet certain expectations, and even then, sometimes the plans are only for a specific amount of time.

Burial insurance doesn’t have all the conditions of other insurance policies. You’ll qualify even if you have pre-existing conditions or have never had life insurance before. Burial insurance may pay out less, but it covers those other insurances will not.

6 – Pays Out Immediately

Another issue with different types of insurances is how long they take to process. Often, it can be weeks before loved ones receive money from life insurance policies.

Burial insurance, however, pays out immediately. As long as you have a beneficiary, your burial insurance will be given, in full, as soon as possible. This makes it such a godsend for your loved ones who have to start making funeral plans quickly.

7 – Simplifies End of Life Planning

Not only will burial insurance cover those who might not usually get coverage, it’s also extremely simple to apply for a policy.

Most burial insurance websites will allow you to pick the amount you want and will approve your policy the same day. If you’re tired of waiting around for more expensive policies to get back to you weeks or even months after applying, you should consider a burial insurance policy.


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